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Download tabular data from MatriNet
Downloadable MatriNet data are generated with matrinetR. All files are network estimates based on primary data (see sources here). At times, depending on our agreements with data providers, not all data sources might be downloadable.

Data are provided as tab-separated plain text files (.TXT), comma-separated files (.CSV) or compressed R files (.RDS).

TCGA MatriNet data (.txt ; .csv ; .rds)

 MatriNet data (.txt ; .csv ; .rds)

THPA MatriNet data (.txt ; .csv ; .rds)

MatrisomeDB MatriNet data (.txt ; .csv ; .rds)

TabulaSapiens MatriNet data (.txt ; .csv ; .rds)

scTHPA MatriNet data
(.txt ; .csv ; .rds)


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