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Our first manuscript is online! To cite MatriNet, please refer to the manuscript by Kontio J. et al.
Kontio J. et al. Matrix Biology 2022 (110): 141-150. DOI:10.1016/j.matbio.2022.05.006.
The R package "MatrinetR" is available for installation and download.

Version history:

  • Matrinet V.1.0.1 will be presented at Matrix Biology Europe 2022 in Florence! 

  • Matrinet V.1.0.1 is coming! The network model covers all interactions from MatrixDB and spans genes from cancer and healthy tissues (TCGA and GTEx), proteins from tumors and healthy tissues (THPA and MatrisomeDB) and single cell counts from the Tabula Sapiens consortium and THPA.

  • Matrinet V.0.1 is online! The network model covers LOX and the SDCs interactions from MatrixDB and uses data from The Human Protein Atlas (THPA) consortium

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